Rafael Benitez needs time to make Taffy

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Everton manager Rafael Benitez has revealed he cannot expect solutions to old problems. of the former club in just 5 months

The Spaniard says he is trying to turn four to five years of disappointment for fans. But it will take time for those changes.

As a former Liverpool manager, Benitez is already unpopular with fans. And even worse was the defeat to Crystal Palace on Sunday in which he substituted Richarlison, which later became apparent due to injury.

However, he has spoken to owner Farhad Moshiri and remains confident in his position. and long-term plans with the ufabet club

“I spoke to Mr Moshiri this morning, I had a meeting with the president of the club. And they support me,” said Benitez, who led the team to just four points from the last 10 games.

“They have the experience of changing managers. They have experience trying to change things. And it didn’t work.”

“Feelings over the years for Everton fans: success or disappointment? You know the answer.”

“I have a lot of fans who tell me the same thing. They know the problem is not just a problem you can fix in just 5 months.”

“I talk to owners, presidents and chief executives almost every day. We discuss what we want to do in the future. Not just in the present.”

“We are thinking about January. And it’s not just January. After seeing what we can do to make the team stronger.”