Martinez vented to his wife in bed during the stiff gun

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Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez has reveal his wife’s frustration at not scoring goals in games for many games to his wife. before returning to form a hat-trick explosion in the latest ufabet game

The Argentina international has not scored in 10 consecutive games in all competitions or since December. Before hitting a hat-trick in the last game that helped Inter Milan open the nest to win Salernitana 5-0 in Serie A on Friday.

“Personally It was a difficult time because the striker had the life to score goals. The team needs a goal. I always try my best. But sometimes the easiest opportunity is miss and can’t pass the ball into the triangle.”

“When I was in bed with my wife I say a lot I’m sorry I couldn’t help the team. So I explained to her Speaking to friends and family in Argentina I want to give these three goals to my child who has just turned one year old and is at home. I hope you’re asleep by now.”

“I celebrate the goal with determination and fury. Because we are moving into important games and need to prove a lot. I want to thank the fans for always being by our say,” Lautaro Martinez said.