Azpilicueta has a tendency to move freely to the old team Osasuna

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Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has a high chance of leaving Stamford Bridge on a free transfer. With a focus on returning to former club Osasuna. with merit

A report from ‘ Margaret ‘ that players aged 32 years, was one of four defenders ‘ Blues ‘ who is out of contract at season’s end, together with Andrea and Kristen Jorgensen , Antonio or distributions. Ger or Thiago Silva, which the club can not hold all  

Therefore, it must be select individually. Then the policy of not giving contracts beyond a year – per – year to players aged 30+ carats is an important issue. Azpilicueta has to leave.

PEG stands in line to the absolute leader of La Liga, the Spanish team grade European football with Barcelona , Atletico . Madrid , Sevilla or Villarreal Villarreal stared Taepenman accompanied by wage filing reconsideration. When transitioning to the 2022  calendar year

However, another possibility is that ‘ Dave ‘ is select to play for the hometown team at Osasuna. Where he trained players at youth level since 2001, to climb up a big 2007, exposed the world to come to Marseille year. 2010 and then gradually succeed in every program as Chelsea.

Tuchel went onto reveal that Kovacic will be out for “six or seven weeks”:

“Right now, Mateo Kovacic is released back into training the day after tomorrow. He will have been six or seven weeks out. It will take a while for them to be back up to speed.

“I think that Romelu can play around 70 minutes. He did so against Zenit, but then we had a lot of travelling, lack of sleep and a very competitive opponent in Leeds so we kept him out of that maelstrom.”

On Conor Gallagher, he added: “I have said many times we like Conor and we see his goals and contributions. There is no regret about letting him go on loan, it seems like it is the perfect place for him.”