Arsenal is not stuck, Zenit is snatched by Yuri Spear Inter

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Arsenal have been linked with an interest in Internacional striker Yuri Alberto. Of the Brasilero League, Brazil will not be able to act as a hot gold any longer. When the same player is about to hit Zenit St. Petersburg From Russia bought a cut face.

A report from the ‘ Golden Dot Com ‘ said striker aged 21 years Spec ‘ big guns ‘ because of age , has the potential to be refined. And the network Brasserie Italian football Edu Gaspar’s approached it.  

The situation has coincided with the Emirate’s Stadium potential to offload striker set in season 2022-23 when Alex Masson at La Sainte Matt and Eddie , the application tier, the contract’s end. this sun  

While Pierre – Aimee Derrick Obama’s cool to be forfeited captain’s armband. You can not be constantly gazed by the public to wear the ‘ big guns ‘ have thus pulling Yury so reasonable.  

But the troll this time is Zenit, who tried to hand a sum of 15 million euros, plus three euros as a performance bonus. Still, Inter refused , ready to open talks with all teams that are ready to pay 25 million euros only.  

Overview of the season that just ended, the players scored 19 goals , four assists.